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Get ahead of your competition by collecting Star Ratings today!

More visibility

More ratings

More trust & transparency

More traffic

More sales

What are Seller Ratings?

Display your seller rating in the form of up to 5 shiny stars under your AdWords Ad Text to increase CTR by up to 17%! This is called a "Seller Rating Extension''.

Browsers can access your aggregate score, your star rating breakdown, and a summary of your reviews by clicking next to this star rating.

A Seller Rating is the average score of your business based on reviews received and aggregated across all verified platforms from which customers can rate your business.

Google seller rating
Seller rating

Why do you need Seller Ratings?

Stand out from the competition

Show stars on your Ads to bring more visibility to your page and help browsers find your business.

Display your Seller Rating to attract potential clients and bring more visitors to your page.

Because they help you gain up to 17% more clicks on your Ad!

Drive more traffic to your site

Generate trust & transparency

Independently certified reviews build trust among browsers and encourage them to choose you over your competitors.

Users who feel safe and trust your shop will buy more and higher value products.

Increase your sales

Increase your sales
Generate Trust

How does eKomi  work?

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Review Collection

Pro-actively request reviews from your customers using one of eKomi's four innovative feedback collection solutions: Email, SMS, Tablet or On-site Pop-up!

Do you want to request a Product Review?

No problem! Request feedback of your service AND your products in one simple step.


Once a review is submitted to our eKomi System, it gets checked twice: once by an algorithm and a second time by a member of our dedicated Customer Feedback Management (CFM) Team.

Review Management

manage your reviews

Resolve negative feedback

Open a dialogue through our customer area to resolve any possible issues promptly and discreetly, in the hopes of improving your client's experience and turning that 1 star into 5 stars!


Increase trust and encourage repeat purchases by displaying your customer feedback on your website through our Widget and on your business Certificate Page.


Review Publishing

Certificate Page

eKomi Widget

Product Review Container

eKomi - Certificate Page
Product Review Container

= More Ratings = More Traffic = More Sales.

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Google Seller Rating

Every business review we collect is syndicated to all major search engines, and can be displayed as stars on your Ads!


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